Aug 25, 2016

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5 Marketing Lies About Your Solar Generator That Just Might Kill You In A Blackout



With the rising interest in solar energy, many people are turning to solar generators to provide backup power during emergencies. This is exciting to see! Like many of you, we understand the countless advantages solar backup systems have in emergency situations.

However, because many people don’t understand the fundamentals of solar backup systems (including solar generators), and how their various components should work together to provide a reliable system, we’ve witnessed some erroneous beliefs regarding solar generator performance due to the insane amount of false claims in solar generator marketing. These marketing lies have come from a variety of sources: solar salesmen, affiliate marketers, even manufacturers of solar generators marketing their own product!

Don’t get me wrong, there are several good solar generators on the market that, for the most part, are capable of providing reliable backup power for basic temporary emergencies (power outages lasting less than a day) or simple outdoor activities (running a mini fridge, lights, and charging a cell phone).

However, the problem that we’re seeing are consumers buying these basic solar generators for the sole purpose of providing power during serious emergency situations that could result in more long-term power loss such as a major disaster, terrorist attack, or even economic collapse. When in reality these small systems are sorely lacking in this regard.

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