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Quadruple your solar panel power and nearly triple your battery bank size!  This will also upgrade your batteries to heavy duty AGM deep cycle batteries which will give you 25% longer life cycle, making them last longer than other AGM batteries.

  • Upgrades solar power from 100 watts to 400 watts
  • Upgrades batteries from 1200 watt-hours to 3000 watt-hours, heavy duty, longer life batteries
  • Upgrades to a 50 Amp MPPT charge controller (for up to 1440 watts of solar input)
  • FREE EMP bag included

Only applicable to purchase of new HomeGrid™ 3000 Generator.

To upgrade existing Solar generators please see here.

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SKU: 3000-ultimate-upgrade.

By increasing the size of your solar panels, and battery bank, you can run more appliances for a longer period of time.