9000 Watt HomeGrid System

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Lower your power bill with a grid-tie system while enjoying the security of battery backup protection when you need it.

High Quality Lithium ion batteries included!

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Grid-tie solar power systems operate only when utility power is available; when the grid goes down, the electricity from your solar panels can not be used. In the past, if homeowners wanted to backup their grid-tie systems with battery backup, the only option was to purchase an expensive “hybrid system” that required re-wiring of their existing grid-tie system to allow them to be tied into the grid while having battery backup protection. However, this “hybrid system” is continually tied into your battery bank and always pulling power from the battery bank, which decreases the life of the batteries, and lowers the efficiency of the entire system.
Point Zero Energy realized this need for a better solar backup solution and created the HomeGrid™ System. This systems allows you to be tied into the power grid with a high efficiency grid-tie system without relying on batteries while the grid is working, and still providing an efficient battery backup when the power goes out.


Benefits of HomeGrid™ System

  • High efficiency grid-tie system (95% efficient as compared to 80% efficient with the hybrid system)
  • Longer battery life for your battery bank (20+ years as compared to 5-7 years with hybrid system)
  • Can convert existing grid-tie system without re-wiring of panels and replacing grid-tie system equipment (inverter, combiner boxes, etc)
  • Security of having a more efficient backup system


How does the HomeGrid™ System work?

When the grid is running properly, your grid-tie system will run normally by using the power generated from your solar panels or pull electricity from the grid. Any excess power generated over and above your needs go back to your utility company for credits on your power bill in areas where net-metering is available.In the event of a power outage, the grid-tie system will turn off automatically and switch over to a off-grid system (this can be done either manually or automatically depending on the installation). This off-grid system, which consists of our HomeGrid solar generator and a proportionally sized battery bank, will then synchronize with your grid-tie system to power your home and recharge your battery bank when needed.


What’s included in my Complete HomeGrid™ System 9000 watt

  • 9000 watt Grid-Tie system which includes solar panels, inverter, and all mounting hardware and supplies
  • 10000 watt HomeGrid™ Solar Generator
  • 61.4 kw-h Lithium Ion battery bank (does not include battery rack or connecting cables)

*Contact us for customized systems