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The ultimate in solar backup, this innovative off-grid system comes built with U.S. made, UL listed components, including a Maximum Power Point Tracker, high efficiency inverter with built-in automatic transfer switch, and powerful lithium ion battery bank.  Ideal for off-grid living, or connecting to an existing grid-tie system to provide complete home backup.

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HomeGrid PRO

The HomeGrid PRO solar generator is the only solar generator on the market to offer all off-grid components in a single, portable unit. Built with U.S. made, UL listed components, the HomeGrid PRO is capable of powering a small home or cabin off-grid, or easily connecting into an existing grid-tie system to provide complete, long term, emergency home backup. No need for expensive installations or re-wiring of existing systems! *Units can be stackable up to 17.6KW system


  • Midnite Solar Charge Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracker: Allows you to get up to 40% more efficiency from your solar panels.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch: Automatically switches over to backup when the power goes out making it reliable and stress-free.
  • Powerful 5,120 watt-hour Lithium Ion Battery Bank: Large battery storage capacity providing maintenance free, long term backup power. Battery life 15+ years, depending on use.
  • Magnum Off-Grid Pure Sine Wave Inverter: 94% efficient with low idling at less than 6 watts, this inverter is specifically designed to handle the most demanding energy applications.
  • Magnum Energy ME-ARC Inverter Remote: Allows you to easily control and program your inverter.
Continuous Power output: 4,400 Watts
Peak Power output: 8,500 watts
Number of outlets: (4) 110V, (1) 220V
USB Ports: 2
Weight: 273
Dimensions: 30"x24"x34" (43" with handle)
(1) 4,400W Pure Sine Wave generator, with Midnight Solar Charge Controller and Automatic Transfer Switch
(1) 5,120 watt-hour Lithium Ion battery bank