Power Max 4200

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Compact, EMP proof, Long life batteries.  Will run multiple tools and 110V appliances simultaneously, up to 2000 continuous watts.

Ideal for:  RV, Tiny home, cabin, or emergency backup power

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PowerMax 4200

The most complete solar generator for tiny homes, RV's, cabins, or emergency backup power. The PowerMax is a complete system, including Solar panels batteries, charge controller, inverter, and an EMP proof container.
Input Voltage (solar charging): 18-100V DC
Output Voltage: 115V AC (pure sine wave)
Continuous Power output: 2,000 Watts
Peak Power output: 4,000 watts
Solar Input:
Volts: up to 100VDC
Watts: up to 1560W
Charge controller:
     type: Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT)
     efficiency: Maximum efficiency exceeds 98%.
inverter efficiency:
iddle power usage: 9 Watts
maximum efficiency 91%
Number of outlets: 3
USB Ports: 1
Weight: 232 lbs
Dimensions: 18.5 x 22.5 x 18.5
(1) 2,000W continuous, 4,000W surge Pure Sine Wave solar generator with 4200 watt hours of battery power, all in an EMP proof case
(2) 240 watt solar panels
(1) 100 feet of solar wire to connect your solar panels 1 year Warranty